Hazardous issues involving text messages

Hazardous issues involving text messages

While a person is texting, his eyes are focused on the small screen of the mobile phone and his vision is only focused on a limited space.

It has been proven that when you are texting while carrying out another task, you cannot focus completely. This can cause accidents and researchers have said that the chances of accidents increase by almost 20 to 30%. In order to stop people from being distracted, many countries have imposed laws through which individuals are fined if they are caught texting while driving. Most people even text while walking and often bump into sign board and people which is another indication of being distracted.

While a person is texting, his eyes are focused on the small screen of the mobile phone and his vision is only focused on a limited space. There are several harms that have been indicated with sending text messages. One of them is injury to the hands. By typing continuously on the mobile phone a person can easily injure his wrist and fingers. Such kinds of injuries can easily spoil posture of the person and can also cause problems with vision due to continuously starting at the screen. With new smartphones that have touch screens, the risk of injury is a bit reduced because the buttons are not supposed to be pressed, but still, the posture of the person can be spoiled.
Another danger associated with sending messages is having accident while driving. A person should just put the phone in the pocket and ignore it when the car is in motion. Once a person removes his eyes from the road and shifts it to the mobile screen, he is not only putting his own life in danger but he is also putting others’ lives in danger. People around you will assume that you are driving carefully and they will walk on the sidewalk without any worries; but your single mistake can ruin their lives.

Some scientists have found a connection between texting and addiction. It was found that people who tend to send excessive text messages usually start smoking and drinking. The link between both is quite simple. When you send messages excessively, you have some sort of tension developing in your mind which makes you uncomfortable. You start losing patience when you do not get instant replies on the phone and it adds to further strain on your mind which eventually leads to bad habits.

Text messages have made lives easier and less expensive by making instant communications possible. Due to this reasons the culture of sending and receiving text messages will stay for long. But we should remember that multitasking cannot really work well when one of the activities involved is sending text messages. Make sure that you give full attention to the task that is important and learn to ignore your mobile phone for some time. By doing this you not only improve the efficiency of your work but you can also decrease the stress level. Often when a person is multitasking, he tends to lose his mind due to higher stress level. Due to this reason it is appreciated that you learn to avoid using mobile phone when doing something important such as walking or driving.